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Developing solutions for the EV charging industry has never been easier.

Add a map on your site or app

Embed a map with your charging stations and show your website visitors or app users the status of your charging stations in real-time, charging area information and connector types.

Activate chargers from your site or app

With the charging area widget, your users can directly operate charging stations from your site or app. They will be able to check the status in real-time or start and stop charging.

Access a real-time worldwide charging station database

Get access to a constantly updated geolocated charging station database with real-time information about charging station statuses and charging prices.

A charging station API to develop your own charging solutions

The Place to Plug API simplifies charging station management in your own developments. A modern, flexible and event-based API to provide real-time information and to operate charging stations. Try out our playground!


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