Real-time database

Get access to a worldwide geolocated charging station database with real-time information about charging station statuses and charging prices


Worldwide data

We get data from different trusted sources around the globe to provide you with a constantly updated charging station database.

Real-time data

Charging station prices and statuses are always changing. We provide real-time data about connected charging stations directly from our trusted sources.

Trustworthy data

We get information from different trusted sources and combine them with smart data analysis algorithms to provide an enriched and reliable result.

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Gemeindehaus Tägerwilen
Service 1
49, Altensteiger Straße
deer GmbH - Nagold Wackenhut
Service 1
8, Brunnenstraße
deer GmbH - Gechingen Brunnenstraße
Service 3
5, Porschestraße
deer GmbH - Freiberg am Neckar Gaumentanz
Service 2
4-6, Bahnhofstr.
deer GmbH - Calw Wasserkraftwerk
Service 8
3, Am Nordbahnhof
SWI - Parkhaus Nordbahnhof
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